Forever Green Sparkle

Step inside to see the warm glow of emerald green light as it expands before your eyes. Your journey into this symphony of light begins with the magical, warm glow of light in an all new color, “forever green jewelry color”.

* Picture shown depicts previous event.

Nearby Highlights

  • Jewelry-Go-Round

    Shining with a base color of brilliant emerald green, the illumination at this “Jewelry-Go-Round” sends out plumes of bright yellow light. Either go for a ride or drop by to enjoy the sight.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.

  • Jewelry Trees

    A light show of Metasequoia trees, known for their iconic triangular shape, are each decorated in 1 of 3 alternating colors. Across their boughs a tendrils of light spiral upwards across each tree in a gorgeous display.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.

  • Jewelry Box Restaurant

    This all-glass restaurant will enwrap you with romance as the glow of glittering jewels lights up your night. Inside the restaurant sits a brilliant “Golden Jardin” chandelier for you to enjoy your meal with a luxe touch.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.



  • Starlight Bandit ~Shooting Star Roller Coaster~

    Our most popular roller coaster "Bandit" will once again this winter be turned into a shining roller coaster, complete with a shooting star motif that appears after sunset to race through the night sky. The fiery display right after it starts is also noteworthy.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.

    Fee: 1,000 yen per ride
    Usage restrictions: must be 120+ cm, and elementary school aged or older to ride
    * A One-Day Pass or a After Pass can be used.