Grand Figure of Hope

The Giant Ferris Wheel, easily spotted from anywhere in the park, stands as a brilliant beacon of yellow light, the color of hope and inspiration, and green light, the color of a life that shines brightly.

* Image shown is a reference only.

Nearby Highlights

  • Jewelry Wine Tree

    使This illumination is decorated into a shape reminiscent of a wine glass, complete with a champagne-esque gold and amber hue. With everything nearby lit up in a pink or violet glow, the accentuated colors of this tree are sure to catch your eye especially.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.



  • Giant Ferris Wheel

    Even while lighting up the sky as a Grand Figure of Hope, you can still enjoy all the fun attractions at the Giant Ferris Wheel. Take a 13 minute ride through the clouds to gaze down over the park illuminations and the glittering Tokyo night sky.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.

    Fee: 800 yen per ride
    Usage restrictions: Children under the age of 5 must be attended by a guardian.
    * A After Pass cannot be used.