Future City Luminary

The Goodjoba!! Area is where fun meets creativity, and is now decorated in the light of red hues. Visit here for an exciting spectacular, where the whole building wall is illuminated along with dazzling lights from below.

* Image shown is a reference only.



  • Sky Patrol

    This cycling ride will have you peddling along by the power of your own feet. Go for a spin around the full Goodjoba!! Area, giving you a chance to look out over all the illuminations nearby. Delight yourself in a stroll through the air.
    * Picture shown depicts previous year.

    Fee: 600 yen per ride
    Usage restrictions:
    (Driver) Ages 6 and up at least 130 cm tall
    (Passenger) Ages 2 and up

    * Driver must be at least middle-school aged when passenger is under 6 years of age.。
    * A One-Day Pass or a After Pass can be used.