Tropical Jewelry Island

At the palm tree-lined pool area, this tropical-themed paradise features a green-hued illumination, complete with an azure sea and richly green trees. This area receives wide acclaim every year and is held regularly after each 15 minute break.

* Picture shown depicts previous event.

Nearby Highlights

  • Jewelry Palm Tree

    Shining in the glow of a tropical paradise, each palm tree is decorated with light blue lights at its trunk and pink or orange lights around its leaves.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.



  • Fountain Show

    Three fountain shows to see every 15 minutes starting at 5:00pm. The wave pool is decked with a spread of bright illuminations, making for a magical and luxe display. Come and witness a spectacular, oversized fountain show that can only be found at Yomiuriland.

    * Picture shown depicts previous year.