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The 2022-2023 season has finished. We thank you very much for your many visits to the park.


Arrive at the park by a gondola lift

Even before arriving at the park, you can experience an exciting ride, the “Gondola Sky Shuttle,” connecting Keio Yomiuri-land Station and the park.

Let’s head to Yomiuriland, passing right next to the popular roller coaster “Bandit”.


The “Giant Ferris Wheel” is definitely the one to try first.

The “Giant Ferris Wheel,” which offers a panoramic view of the park’s entire illuminations, should be the first ride in the park.

You may believe that riding it in the dark is better, but the view at dusk is also worth seeing. The perfect harmony of the range sky and the illuminations creates a one-of-a-kind scene that can only be seen during this magical time.


Ride it before it’s too late! The “Crazy Hyuuuu/Crazy Stooon”

The free-fall attraction “Crazy Hyuuuu/Crazy Stooon” closes early at 6:00 p.m., so be sure to ride it early.

Despite the thrill of the 60-meter-high ride, the view of the twinkling Jewellumination below is breathtaking. Since it is located at the very end of the park, you can see the entire illuminations.


Enjoy the most unusual upside-down illuminations from the “Looping Starship.”

It is a thrill ride where the spaceship-shaped ride rotates in a circular motion 360 degrees.

Try your best to keep your eyes open, even if it’s frightening! For a brief moment at the top of the ride, you can see the unique upside-down illuminations that can only be seen here.


Take a break on the “SeaChicken Go!”

Looking at the illuminations from the thrill rides is the best, but enjoying the illuminations while relaxing on a ride is also great.

One of those slow rides is the “SeaChicken Go!,” which features fish-shaped rides twirling through the air. You can enjoy the illuminations flowing by as you control the ride up and down with a button.


A must-ride roller coaster, “Bandit”

During the Jewellumination event, the Bandit is transformed into the “Shooting Star Roller Coaster; Starlight Bandit,” with its track and cars illuminated.

The seats for two offer a view of the Jewellumination, such as the cherry blossom trees and the Giant Ferris Wheel, from the left side, and a night view of Tokyo from the right side. And after a brief moment, the Bandit dashes through the dark forest! The Jewellumination will then welcome you as you return to the platform.


You may see the fountain show from the “Fight Ippatsu!”

The “Fight Ippatsu!” is a drop tower ride where the seats move up and down and rotate horizontally.

While you are on the ride, the view keeps changing, such as the lights in the Goodjoba!! area one moment, and then the fountain show appears below you the next.


The last stop is the classic “Merry-Go-Land Dog.”

How about the classic attraction, “Merry-Go-Land Dog,” as the final ride of the day?

It is ideal for both children and adults, as the gentle music, comfortable swaying, and flowing illuminations will give you a wonderful and relaxing feeling, making it ideal for the end of the day.

*These plans are only examples. In some cases, certain facilities and events may not be available.

*Attractions may be closed without notice.

*Hours of operation, workshops, events, etc. may vary depending on the time of year.

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