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By Train

From Key Stations to Keio Yomiuriland Station

  • From Shinjuku Station: 25 min.
  • From Ikebukuro Station: 40 min.
  • From Tokyo Station: 45 min.
  • From Shibuya Station: 35 min.
  • From Shinagawa Station: 50 min.
  • From Haneda Airport Station: 75 min.
  • From Narita Airport Station: 120 min.

By taking Keio Line

About 10-minute walk from Keio Yomiuri-land Station
Take the “Yomiuri V Street” or the “Road (stairs) to the Giants”

Free shuttle bus service available (maximum 28 passengers), leaving at intervals of 15 minutes

Leave Keio Yomiuri-land Station 9:15 - 15:45
Leave Hana-Biyori 9:23 - 17:08

15 minutes before the opening of the park and 8 minutes after the closing of the park
The timetable above may be subject to change, depending on seasons or congestions.

By taking Odakyu Line

At Yomiuri-land-Mae Station
Take Odakyu Bus with Route No. “読01 (Yomi 01)”
Bound for Yomiuri-land
Bound for Keio Yomiuri-land Station
Bound for Yanokuchi Station

「Get off at “Yomiuri-land” Bus Stop and then walk for about 8 minutes.

By Car

[From Shinjuku]
About 2 km from Inagi Big Bridge, a direct connection to the Chuo Expressway Inagi Interchange on Shuto Expressway’s Route 4

[From Hachioji]
About 2 km from Inagi Big Bridge, off of the Chuo Expressway Fuchu Smart Interchange.
Alternatively, about 5 km from the Chofu Interchange.
The Fuchu Smart Interchange can only be used by vehicles equipped with electronic toll collection technology.

[From Shibuya]
About 8 km from the Tomei Expressway Kawasaki Interchange off of Shuto Expressway’s Route 3

[From Atsugi]
About 8 km from the Tomei Expressway Kawasaki Interchange