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By Train

From Key Stations to Keio Yomiuriland Station

  • From Shinjuku Station: 25 min.
  • From Ikebukuro Station: 40 min.
  • From Tokyo Station: 45 min.
  • From Shibuya Station: 35 min.
  • From Shinagawa Station: 50 min.
  • From Haneda Airport Station: 75 min.
  • From Narita Airport Station: 120 min.

By taking Keio Line

About 10-minute walk from Keio Yomiuri-land Station
Take the “Yomiuri V Street” or the “Road (stairs) to the Giants”

Free shuttle bus service available (maximum 28 passengers), leaving at intervals of 15 minutes

The timetable of free shuttle bus is here.

15 minutes before the opening of the park and 8 minutes after the closing of the park
The timetable above may be subject to change, depending on seasons or congestions.

By taking Odakyu Line

At Yomiuri-land-Mae Station
Take Odakyu Bus with Route No. “読01 (Yomi 01)”
Bound for Yomiuri-land
Bound for Keio Yomiuri-land Station
Bound for Yanokuchi Station

「Get off at “Yomiuri-land” Bus Stop and then walk for about 8 minutes.

By Car

[From Shinjuku]
About 2 km from Inagi Big Bridge, a direct connection to the Chuo Expressway Inagi Interchange on Shuto Expressway’s Route 4

[From Hachioji]
About 2 km from Inagi Big Bridge, off of the Chuo Expressway Fuchu Smart Interchange.
Alternatively, about 5 km from the Chofu Interchange.
The Fuchu Smart Interchange can only be used by vehicles equipped with electronic toll collection technology.

[From Shibuya]
About 8 km from the Tomei Expressway Kawasaki Interchange off of Shuto Expressway’s Route 3

[From Atsugi]
About 8 km from the Tomei Expressway Kawasaki Interchange