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Hana-Biyori Hall

Everyday is a good flower watching day! Indoor flower gardens that enchant you anytime of year. Besides the Floral Chandelier made up of over 300 pots of plants hanging overhead in one of the largest scales of its kind in Japan, the Hana-Biyori Hall features flowers covering the floors and a wall flower garden 20 meters long and 2 meters high, providing flowers 360 degrees. Symbolizing Hana-Biyori, there is a palo borracho tree in the hall estimated to be over 400 years old.

Sky-Viewing Hill

An observatory that overlooks the high rises in the city center on clear sunny days and a trail you can stroll along viewing the stream flowing from the Pledge Fountain and pond are two of the most attractive spots in this area. Besides the Cherry Blossoms and Mitsubatsutsuji blooming in the spring, the area also offers a spot where you can look down on the East Fall.

Alley of Colors

A small alley full of flowers that surrounds the Hana-Biyori Hall. The alleyway gives different impressions throughout the seasons and includes the Sequoia Garden in front of the main entrance, the Garden of the Seasons towards the south, the lilies of the Rock Garden, and the Christmas Rose Garden. Furthermore, the blooming of plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and Yukiyanagi amongst the path following the stream from the Sky-Viewing Hill makes for a colorful alley in which flower-watchers can enjoy their walk whenever they come.

Sacred Forest

Passing through the Sacred Gate said to have been relocated from Kyoto Imperial Palace, beyond the Moss Garden, you will be greeted by the Sacred Pond. In autumn, the scenery of the maple foliage covering the Sacred Pond is breathtaking. Up to 2000 red spider lilies bloom around the Two-Story Pagoda and Statues of Eight Buddhism Sect Founders from September to October. In addition to the enshrined National Important Cultural Properties of the Statue of Myoken Bodhisattva and Statue of Sacred Avalokitesvara, the Gautama Buddha Hall (Pagoda), where Buddha's ashes and hair are stored gives this space a spiritual meaning.