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A First of a kind in Japan! A Multi-Ending Show of Flowers and Digital Art

There is a possibility of entrance regulation to this show due to coronavirus.
And when you watch this show , please stand at the marked position every 2 meters and enjoy the show with a distance from other customers.

As the sunlit glass greenhouse turns dark and projection mapping starts, the place turns into a world of flowers and digital art that is full of surprises. Hana-Biyori will be Japan’s first botanical garden to offer a permanent attraction featuring updated projection mapping.
Digital staging is themed on the “creation of an immersive space” through a fusion of various staging technologies. While revolving around projection mapping, it also incorporates sound and participatory features, realizing an immersive space. The show also employs the multi-ending approach, with which the show’s ending is varied by analyzing the audience’s emotions.


Free (open to all Hana-Biyori visitors)


10 minutes

Featured technologies:1

Projection mapping with 20 high-brightness projectors

Featured technologies:2

14.2-channel immersive audio

Featured technologies:3

Japan’s first multi-ending based on emotion analysis