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Inquiries about operations

Is it accessible to the “Hana-Biyori” botanical garden from within the amusement park?

Yes. Enter and walk into the BBQ Park “JU JU” and then you will find the passageway connected to Hana-Biyori. You can gain access to the botanical garden. However, you need to have a separate admission ticket to Hana-Biyori.
The ticket is available at the passageway.

Can I only visit the café within Hana-Biyori?

To visit any area within Hana-Biyori, you need to have an admission ticket to the garden anyway.

Can I re-enter Hana-Biyori once I leave the garden?

No. No re-entry is allowed once you leave the garden. However, you may go back and forth between the amusement park and the garden via the passageway connecting the two areas. Please ask the staff at the passageway.

Do you have a baby buggy or a wheelchair for rent?

A rental service is available only at the front entrance of the garden with a fee of 500 yen per baby buggy or wheelchair.

Is there a wheelchair accessible restroom available in the garden?

Yes. There is one wheelchair accessible restroom in the Hana-Biyori Hall (indoor flower garden).

Is there a nursing room available in the garden?

Yes. There is one nursing room, in the Hana-Biyori Hall (indoor flower garden), allowing mothers to breastfeed their babies.

What is available in the nursing room?

The nursing room has a microwave oven, hot water for baby formula and an infant bed for changing diapers.

Are diapers available in the garden?

Yes. Diapers are sold at the Omiyage-Biyori souvenir shop within the Hana-Biyori Hall (indoor flower garden).

May I bring in bento or packed lunch to eat in the garden?

Yes, you may, except any bottled or canned beverages or alcoholic drinks, which may not be brought into the garden.

Can I buy some alcoholic beverages or eat something in the garden?

Starbucks is the only service establishment where you can eat and drink within the Hana-Biyori garden. No alcoholic beverages are available. Alcoholic products are only available in the amusement park.

Is smoking allowed in the garden?

No. Smoking is not allowed within the garden, except one area where smoking is allowed.

When and where is a free shuttle bus service available?

Bound for Hana-Biyori, leave the exit of Keio Yomiuri-land Station and walk up the stairs on the left, and then you will find the shuttle bus terminal on the left. At Hana-Biyori, the shuttle bus terminal is located along the roundabout of the entrance of the garden. The free shuttle bus service is available at 15-minute intervals in the following manner:

[In the case of the garden being closed at 17:00] [In the case of the garden being closed at 20:00]
Leave Keio Yomiuri-land Station at 9:15-15:45 9:23-17:08
Leave Hana-Biyori garden at 9:15-18:45 9:23-20:08

What is the age of children to whom the admission fees are applicable?

The admission fees are applicable to children aged 3 or older.

Are PayPay and other electronic payment means accepted?


Are credit cards accepted at the garden?

Credit cards are accepted to buy admission tickets at the ticket booths of the garden entrance and passageway connecting the Park and the garden, and to pay at the Starbucks coffee shop and the Omiyage-Biyori souvenir shop.

Inquiries about projection mapping shows

How many projection mapping shows are held a day and how long each show runs?

Each projection mapping show runs for about 10 minutes. Four shows are scheduled to be held on weekdays and six shows, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The show time schedule is subject to change according to different seasons.

Can I take a video or photo of a projection mapping show and post it on the SNS?

You can take either a video or a photo of the show and post it on the SNS, but please don’t use flash, which may interfere with show directions. No tripod may be used for shooting, either.

May I enter or leave the site during the projection mapping show?

Yes, you may either enter or leave the show while it is being played.