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The design concept of the coffee shop is “a new lifestyle with coffee”
At this “botanical café” brightly sunlit and blending in with the surroundings of lots of flowers and greenery, why not enjoy a moment away from daily routines? The “STARBUCKS” sign is made with real, living plants—a first in Japan.


Starbucks inside the Hana-Biyori Hall


See products on sale here.


Many products available exclusively at Hana-Biyori will be on sale, including lifestyle products with Floral Chandelier designs and adorable stuffed Asian small-clawed otters.


Omiyage-Biyori inside the Hana-Biyori Hall

Flower Pictorial Book Langue de chat
A4 clear file
Every kind of \400
Washi Tape
Every kind of \400
“Chokoron” Otter
Every kind of \1,500

Shop charm

Aquariums featuring natural materials and paludarium plants attracting keen attention are offered on sale, along with a wide variety of gifts.

●Terrarium \1,200~

●Moss ball \700~

●House plants \1,200 ~

●Vivarium plants \1,200 ~

※Please keep in mind that this lineup is subject to change.