The Largest in Japan! Experience Manufacturing
at Yomiuriland’s “Goodjoba!!”

BUNGU Factory

Partner Company: KOKUYO

BUNGU Factory offers 2 types of attractions located inside the area themed after “Campus Notebook,” a long-time product of the famous Japanese stationery brand “KOKUYO.” Learn how to make notebooks while moving your body.

Furthermore, there are 4 outdoors attractions themed after stationery, including “A Game of Skill ‘Tama Goro,’” Japan’s first ball-coaster attraction. Daily workshops are also held.

BUNGU factory attractions
Campus ChallengeA Game of Skill: "Tama Goro"Hirame KidsKadokeshi TramPencil TowerKuru Kuru Compass

Campus Challenge

Enjoy 7 Games Based on the Manufacturing Process Behind “Campus Note”!

Everyone has used "Campus Notebook". Here are six games that will give you a glimpse into the manufacturing of the product! HASHIRAS, a production group that pursues cutting-edge entertainment, uses state-of-the-art VR to create an immersive experience like being in a paper mill! In addition, there is a new "Extra Stage" where only those who have completed all the processes can participate.

Recommended Point!

Snap a Photo of Yourself Concentrating! “Memory Photo Album”

There are cameras installed at each of the 7 games! Overall there are a total of around 30 cameras! Shots of you and your children’s vivid and excited expressions are automatically taken over the course of the games. Bring home photos of your child’s face that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find!

You can also save the photos to your smartphone or tablet by scanning the given QR code. Why not share these memories with friends and family?

※Photos are available for purchase (1,000 yen)

Price 800 yen
Age Restriction 5 to 6 years old children require parental escort; VR is available from age 7.
Height Restriction None
Capacity 3 people
Time Required About 10 minutes

A Game of Skill: "Tama Goro"

[Japan’s First!] Fun to Watch and to Participate In! Ball-Coaster Attraction

This attraction features a course that stands 8 meters tall with a total length of 560 meters, and you can always see around 60 balls the size of a bowling ball rolling along the course like a roller coaster.

Earn points by playing minigames within the attraction or getting stopped balls moving again!

There are many devices along the course that move or function when balls pass by, so you can even enjoy just watching this attraction!

Recommended Point!

24 Different Minigames! Enjoy Fun Competitions!

Up to 70 people can participate at a time in this enormous ball-coaster attraction! Participants are split up into 2 teams and compete for points via minigames. There are a mind-boggling 48 total games across 24 types, all themed around stationery motifs!

To play the minigames, you must branch off or reroute a ball rolling on the main rail to a different rail. Find the switches needed to branch off, and use them to play in a lot of minigames! The enormous stationery is also a switch, so consider your options and push or rotate it!

Price 400 yen
Age Restriction 3 years and up, chaperone required for 6 years and younger
Height Restriction None
Capacity 70 people
Time Required About 20 minutes
Course Length 560m
Event Times Begins every 30 minutes starting from opening time (lasts about 15 minutes each round)

※Times may vary depending on weather, other events, and other factors.

Hirame Kids

A Children’s Playground with the Theme of “KOKUYO no Ehon”

Hirame Kids is a playground themed after “KOKUYO no Ehon,” which are incredibly popular picture books with Japanese children. This playground themed after 5 picture books offers a variety of fun activities you can’t typically experience, including drawing on white animals.

Recommended Point!

Introducing a Big Size of the Popular “Kao Note”!

Out of the 5 picture books, the focus is mainly on the popular “Kao Note” (Author: tuperatupera)! Here you can find a 120cm “big size” version of “Kao Note,” which has sprung forth from the world of picture books! Stick eyes, a nose, a mouth, and other features into the outline and make your very own unique faces!

There are even outlines for things like onigiri and apples in this version. “Kao Note” lets you enjoy making a variety of faces, from happy to smiling, troubled to embarrassed. Have fun making faces with your friends and family!

Price Free
Age Restriction 6 years and younger ※Chaperone required for 6 years of age
Height Restriction None
Capacity 45 people

Kadokeshi Tram

A Tram Attraction Featuring a Motif of KOKUYO’s Popular Product “Kadokeshi”

KOKUYO’s popular product “Kadokeshi” has been turned into a tram! Kadokeshi Tram moves when you pump the hand lever up and down! You can change how fast the tram moves by changing the speed you pump the lever.

Recommended Point!

Find Animals While Riding on the Tram!

The outdoor area of BUNGU Factory is “Stationery Forest” themed! There are a variety of animals hiding along the course. The animals are very shy, so some of them might hide away when you pass by! Try to look for them while riding the tram – how many can you find?

“Graffiti Tunnel” Makes Its Debut!

Graffiti Tunnel is filled with lots of graffiti!

However, if you take Kadokeshi Tram through the tunnel… you can erase the graffiti! Everyone, be sure to take a ride on Kadokeshi Tram and help erase the graffiti!

Price 300 yen
Age Restriction 2 years and up, chaperone required for 6 years and below
Height Restriction None
Capacity 2 people per tram
Time Required About 3 minutes
Length 78m

Pencil Tower

A Mechanical Pencil and Ruler-Themed Tower Attraction

This tower-type attraction stands about 9 meters tall. If you pull the rope that hangs down in front of you, the ride lifts up! When you release it, the ride slowly descends. Pull on the rope and aim for the triangle-shaped ruler at the top of the tower!

Recommended Point!

Look Out Over “Goodjoba!!” from the Top of the Tower!

The view from on top of Pencil Tower is amazing! You can see sights unique to here, including your friends playing at other attractions and the top of FOOD Factory’s kettle!

The tower itself slowly rotates, so every time you reach the top you can see a different view! Work together with your friends or parents and aim for the top!

Price 400 yen
Age Restriction None
Height Restriction 110cm and taller, chaperone required for guests 120cm and shorter
Capacity 8 people (4 rides with 2 seats each)
Time Required About 3 minutes
Height About 9m

※Guests who do not reach the height restriction cannot use this attraction.

Kuru Kuru Compass

A Compass and Colored Pencil-Themed Rotating Attraction

This rotating attraction is decorated to look like a compass and colored pencils. Use the pedals at your seat to raise the ride!

Recommended Point

Make Lots of Discoveries While Spinning Around!

Try to notice a lot of different things while spinning around on Kuru Kuru Compass. For example, there are a bunch of pencils below Good in the middle. Actually, they’re not just any pencils – they’re KOKUYO’s popular product “Mixed Pencils”! Make lots of discoveries while you spin around! …What’s that? It looks like Good’s eyes are…

Price 400 yen
Age Restriction None
Height Restriction 90cm and taller, chaperone required for guests 120cm and shorter
Capacity 12 people (6 cars with 2 seats each) ※Maximum 1 adult per car
Time Required About 3 minutes

※Guests who do not reach the height restriction cannot use this attraction.

One-Day Pass

We Recommend the One-Day Pass for Enjoying “Goodjoba!!” to the Fullest!

Most of the attractions in “Goodjoba!!” are eligible for use with the One-Day Pass.

If you purchase the Yomiuriland One-Day Pass, it covers the admission fee and you gain access to unlimited rides within the amusement park, including those in “Goodjoba!!,” making it a great value!


One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride
Adults(Age 18-64) 5,800 JPY
Middle and high school students(Age 12-17) 4,600 JPY
Children(age 6-11)
Senior citizens(age 65 and up)
4,000 JPY
Preschoolers(Age 3-5) 2,400 JPY