The Largest in Japan! Experience Manufacturing
at Yomiuriland’s “Goodjoba!!”

Shop & Restaurant

Gj ShopSTARBUCKS【2020.7.18 OPEN!!】

Gj Shop

Located Right Next to Sky Gate! A Souvenir Shop with Lots of “Goodjoba!!” Original Goods

Gj Shop sells a wide range of items unique to Yomiuriland, like “Goodjoba!!” original stationery, miscellaneous goods, and sweets in special souvenir wrappings!

Recommended Goods

Campus Note 2-piece set

Printed cookies

Stuffed animals


Main Goods

Product Name Price (tax incl.)
Campus Note 2-piece set 650 yen
Ueno Fugetsudo Crispy Choco Crunch Goodjoba!! Tin 550 yen
Clear Folder 250 yen
Kadokeshi 250 yen
D-CLIPS 550 yen
Printed Cookies 830 yen
Stuffed Animals 2400 yen
Mini-Towels 450 yen

STARBUCKS【2020.7.18 OPEN!!】

Have a coffee while enjoying swimming in the summer and illumination displays in the winter.

This is the first poolside Starbucks.

“Interactive Art” has been installed in the counter tables, which are covered in videos of the animals and farm scenery from coffee bean-producing areas. When guests place their cups on the tables, they can experience art by watching these animals moving, as if coming to life among painted scenery of the coffee plantation.

Main Menu

Caramel Frappuccino®

Starbucks Latte

Drip Coffee

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One-Day Pass

We Recommend the One-Day Pass for Enjoying “Goodjoba!!” to the Fullest!

Most of the attractions in “Goodjoba!!” are eligible for use with the One-Day Pass.

If you purchase the Yomiuriland One-Day Pass, it covers the admission fee and you gain access to unlimited rides within the amusement park, including those in “Goodjoba!!,” making it a great value!


One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride
Adults(Age 18-64) 5,800 JPY
Middle and high school students(Age 12-17) 4,600 JPY
Children(age 6-11)
Senior citizens(age 65 and up)
4,000 JPY
Preschoolers(Age 3-5) 2,400 JPY