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SPACE factory

Partner Company: Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings

2021.11.12 fri. OPEN!

Introducing “SPACE Factory”, a newly opened area in collaboration with Taisho Pharmaceutical that sits inside the hands-on experiential park “Good Job Attractions”. The area is themed after energy drink “LIPOVITAN D”.

In another tip of the hat to space exploration, LIPOVITAN D offers one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences designed to help kids discover and learn more about space.

There are also workshops to try every day.

SPACE factory Attractions List
Lipovitan Rocket☆LunaFight Ippatsu!Lipovitan LabProfessor Lipo and the Secret Research
LIPOVITAN Ddesignated quasi-drugenergy drink.

Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna

Make your own LIPOVITAN D and send an energy boost to space!

A fantasy ride through the LIPOVITAN D factory floor, space and beyond. Join Lipovitan-man to make your own LIPOVITAN D capsules, then prepare to launch in a rocket to space! Your mission is to deliver an extra energy boost to Lipovitan-Girl who works at the factory on the moon. There are side missions during the game that change the outcome of your personal adventure. Defeat the tiredness monsters, or “dullies” on a quest to save Lipovitan Girl!

See the Backstory(PDF)

Recommended Point!

For the first time in Japan, this suspended roller coaster includes seats that shake forwards, backwards and side to side.

Fare 1,000 yen
Ages 110cm and taller, chaperone required for 130cm and under.
Seats 4 people per car
Distance (Total lenth) 550m
Highest point reached 15.5m
Duration approx. 2 min
Fastest Speed 38.9km/h

Fight Ippatsu!

A Refreshing Ride that’s BURSTING with Fun!

Ride up and down (like a pogo stick!) while the seats rotate around. This family-friendly ride is packed with fun for kids and big kids (adults) alike!

When you hear the famous catchphrase, “Fight Ippatsu!” (eng. “knock out!”), you know its time for the grand finale, as a burst of water* explodes from the bottle top.

*Please note the water burst may not occur at all times

Recommended Point!

For the first time ever in Japan, the seats rotate around simultaneously as the ride bobs up and down.

Fare 500 yen
Ages 105cm and taller, chaperone required for 120cm and under & for 6 years and under.
Seats 10 (5 two-person seats)
Height approx. 12 meters.
Duration approx. 70 seconds
LIPOVITAN Ddesignated quasi-drugenergy drink.

Lipovitan Lab

Professor Lipo and the Secret Research

A simulated workshop in making medicine

A simulated medicine-making experience.
Use a real tablet machine and try making ramune “capsule” candies that look like real medicine pills.
Within the overall story, this scene takes place at the point where Professor Lipo has just developed a powdered version of “Ra Muune D” at his laboratory on the moon.

Back on earth, Ra Muune D is produced at the lab to help spread energy to people. The oversized capsules are actually 5cm in diameter! In this workshop you’ll make one of two different kinds: the LIPOVITAN D flavored Ra Muune D, or an extra-special flavored Ra Muune D.

To find out which one, you’ll have to try it for yourself! Spend a fun-filled time becoming a scientist for a day!

Recommended Point!

Make your own “Ra Muune D” Capsules with Da-John, the Pill Capsule Machine!

※ Prof. Lipo from the Moon Factory (left) and Da-John the Pill Capsule Machine (center)

Fare 400 yen
Ages children under preschool age require for guests *For each child, up to 1 accompanying adult may have free entry.


LIPOVITAN D is for all the people out there who chase their dreams.

From the Hayabusa2 space probe and beyond, this project gives future astronauts an extra boost to keep shooting for the stars.

The opening of “SPACE factory” is part of this same project.

LIPOVITAN Ddesignated quasi-drugenergy drink.

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One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride
Adults(Age 18-64) 5,800 JPY
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Senior citizens(age 65 and up)
4,000 JPY
Preschoolers(Age 3-5) 2,400 JPY