The Largest in Japan! Experience Manufacturing
at Yomiuriland’s “Goodjoba!!”


Partner Company: WORLD/SHIMA SEIKI

FASHION Factory contains 2 attractions within a western-style clothes factory, and you may even feel like you’ve been swept away into a fantasy world!

Enjoy attractions such as a roller coaster that lets you experience the clothing manufacturing process, from the cutting of cloth to sewing, and a chance to make your own original knit items! Daily workshops are also held.

FASHION factory attractions
Spin RunwayMy knit

Spin Runway

Japan’s First Spiral-Lift Indoor Roller Coaster!

Japan's first indoor coaster with a spiral lift!

The first half of the course recreates the manufacturing process of clothes, and the lift part where the ride ascends is a gorgeous world with projected fashion items, colorful lights, and mirror panels!

Enjoy the immersive experience created by the creative company NAKED!

Recommended Point!

The Car Rotates! Different Movements Every Time You Ride! Pay Attention to the Special Decorations!

Japan's first roller coaster where you can take pictures with your smartphone!

You can take photos of the immersive world by wearing a special smartphone holder on your right wrist!

*Please note that this service has been suspended for the time being to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Price 1,000 yen
Age Restriction 4 years and up ※Chaperone required for 6 years and under
Height Restriction 110cm and up; chaperone required for 130cm and shorter
Capacity 4 people per car
Time Required About 3 minutes
Total Length 448m
Maximum Speed 45.5km/h

※Guests who do not meet the height requirement may not use this attraction

My knit

Move Your Body and Create Your Own Original Knitted Item!

This attraction allows you to make original knitted items using “Whole Garment,” the world’s first automatic flat knitting machine made by SHIMA SEIKI. “Whole Garment” is powered by operating things like a bicycle or boat, the energy from which powers the machine.

Recommended Point!

The Faster You Move, the Faster It Finishes! Aim for the Best Time!

My Knit allows you to choose from 3 activities to challenge yourself with: cycling, boat rowing, and running.

“Whole Garment” operates at different speeds based on the movement speed of the user, so the faster you move, the sooner your wristband will be knitted! It takes about 2 minutes for the wristband to be knitted. See how close to the best time you can reach while watching the game monitor on top of the attraction!

Price 300 yen per 1 use per group
Age Restriction Chaperone required for 6 years and under
Height Restriction None
Capacity 2 people
Required Time About 3 minutes

※When the park is crowded, numbered tickets distributed when My Knit opens are required to participate

※Not eligible as part of the One-Day Pass

One-Day Pass

We Recommend the One-Day Pass for Enjoying “Goodjoba!!” to the Fullest!

Most of the attractions in “Goodjoba!!” are eligible for use with the One-Day Pass.

If you purchase the Yomiuriland One-Day Pass, it covers the admission fee and you gain access to unlimited rides within the amusement park, including those in “Goodjoba!!,” making it a great value!


One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride
Adults(Age 18-64) 5,800 JPY
Middle and high school students(Age 12-17) 4,600 JPY
Children(age 6-11)
Senior citizens(age 65 and up)
4,000 JPY
Preschoolers(Age 3-5) 2,400 JPY