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About Hana-Biyori

Hana-Biyori’s Wishes

Surprises and new kinds of excitement from discovering unfamiliar flowers.

They are the sort of entirely new entertainment that Hana-Biyori, a flower park, wants to provide.
Hana-Biyori will embody our strong wishes that its visitors of all generations will experience the joy and thrill of discovering unknown flowers, as well as new angles from which to look at known flowers.

Our Efforts for Sustainability

Hana-Biyori will be where visitors will come in touch with nature.

Besides providing many soothing and healing spaces, Hana-Biyori also wants to offer a lot of excitement, while at the same time placing top priority on coexistence with nature and environmental protection.

Part of the furniture to be used at Hana-Biyori’s eating and drinking area was made by craftsmen piece by piece with elaborate care, using trees that were damaged by typhoons in facilities owned by Yomiuri Land Company.
We use the Tama Hills’ well water entirely for the plants, streams and waterfalls within Hana-Biyori, utilizing nature’s blessing and circulating used water.

Trees in a Yomiuri Land Company facility blown down by a typhoon
Chairs and tables being made
A chair made with a fallen tree

It is our firm belief that Hana-Biyori’s role is to create a place for people to come in touch with nature while effectively utilizing limited environmental resources, so as to leave the Tama Hills’ valuable nature intact to future generations.


A First in Japan! A Multi-Ending Show of Flowers and Digital Art

As the sunlit glass greenhouse turns dark and projection mapping starts, the place turns into a world of flowers and digital art that is full of surprises.

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One of Japan’s Largest Floral Chandeliers

Hana-Biyori’s most recommended attraction, the Floral Chandelier is made up of over 300 pots of fuchsia, petunia, geranium, saxorum and more, making it one of Japan’s largest floral chandeliers.

Japan's first botanical garden Starbucks

The design concept of the coffee shop is “New life style with coffe.” At this “botanical café” brightly sunlit and blending in with the surroundings of lots of flowers and greenery, why not enjoy a moment away from daily routines?

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Getting to Know Asian Small-Clawed Otters Better

Know Asian Small-Clawed Otters Better
Watch adorable Asian small-clawed otters up close in the display area provided for the animals, whose cute gestures are very popular.

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“PIET OUDOLF GARDEN TOKYO” is designed by the world-famous garden designer, is his first garden in Asia with his name.

This garden is considered as a “SDGs Garden” where you can enjoy the full life cycle of the flowers and herbaceous plants through out the four seasons including seed-heads and died-body in winter time.

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The Japanese Garden with Cultural Properties

National Important Cultural Properties of the Statue of Myoken Bodhisattva and Statue of Sacred Avalokitesvara, the Gautama Buddha Hall (Pagoda), where Buddha's ashes and hair are stored gives this space a spiritual meaning.

“Aquarium and Flowers” Original Fish Tanks

An 8-meter long seawater aquarium where colorful fish that swim the seas of Okinawa is located, along with a 3-meter one housing lushly green water plants. You can see 1,200 fish in some 50 species, including clown fish, blue-green damselfish and sea goldies.

Hana-Biyori Exclusive! Original Products

Many products available exclusively at Hana-Biyori will be on sale, including lifestyle products with Floral Chandelier designs and adorable stuffed Asian small-clawed otters.

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Flower and Plant Workshop Held Everyday!

Join a workshop on subjects related to flowers and other plants that change daily, such as flower arrangements done with flowers from Hana-Biyori gardens and moss terrarium.

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