Important Information About
Pool WAI Water Park

Prohibited Acts

Tattoos are not permitted in Pool WAI. Anyone with tattoos will be refused entry.

Furthermore, those who are refused entry or ejected from the park will not be refunded or compensated.

  • Photography with cameras or cell phones in the water
  • (excluding the sides of the wave pool and  Anpanman pool)

  • Entry wearing shoes or heeled flip-flops
  • Use of oil-based sun oil and sunscreens (water-based permitted)
  • Swimming in regular clothes or in diapers (if using a swim diaper, must be worn beneath a regular swimsuit)
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products) outside of specified locations in the pool area
  • Use of balls other than beach balls
  • Use of 4-wheeled carry carts and wagons when crowded
  • Any acts that could be considered a danger, inconvenience, or source of fear to other guests
Prohibited Items
  • Alcohol, bottled drinks, and canned drinks
  • Underwater eyewear (goggles permitted), bodyboards, surfboards, snorkels, swim flippers
  • Deck chairs, beach chairs, air sofas, parasols and umbrellas
  • Sunshades and tents (over 130cm tall)

*Articles that do not collapse into a circular stored state are prohibited regardless of size

  • Box coolers [65cm x 65cm x 35cm and larger]
  • Chairs [80cm x 80cm x 100cm and larger]
  • Tables [60cm x 60cm x 30cm and larger]
  • Sharp objects, razors, and other edged tools
  • Pets and other animals
  • Any other objects that could be considered a danger or inconvenience to other guests

*If even one side of the item is over the size limit, it is prohibited.