Pool WAI has an indoor restaurant!

Information about the high-quality food and great shops in Pool WAI.

Restaurant La Piscine

Restaurant La Piscine—Pool WAI’s main restaurant—provides indoor dining!
Enjoy ramen, curry, rice bowl dishes, and lots more in a vibrant space.


- Ramen(soy sauce or salt broth)860 yen

- Salty broth ramen890 yen

- BIG deep-fried chicken ramen (soy sauce or salt broth)980 yen

- Sauce Yakisoba w/ Ultra-Thick Noodles!860円

- Hamburger steak curry980 yen

- Yakiniku & Chicken Double-High Mega Meat Platter1,180 yen

- Gapao Rice (Stir-fried Chicken & Basil Drumsticks w/ Rice) 1,080 yen

★Colossal menu

- Colossal soy sauce ramen1,200 yen

- Colossal festive curry1,200 yen

★Kids’ menu

- Kids’ curry750 yen

- Kids’ ramen750 yen


- Soft drinksFrom 300 yen

- Iced coffee latte400 yen

*We also have other menus.

Pool WAI Shop!


- Rubber tubeFrom 1,000 yen

- Beach ballFrom 600 yen

- Flip-flopsFrom 350 yen

- Glasses bandFrom 100 yen

- Rash vestJunior vests from 2,500 yen / 
Adults vests from 1,900 yen

- GogglesFrom 540 yen

- Waterproof caseFrom 880 yen

- SunscreenFrom 780 yen

- Picnic sheet (x 1)From 300 yen

- Swimming diapersFrom 580 yen

- Men’s swimsuitFrom 1,980 yen

- Women’s swimsuitFrom 3,480 yen

- Junior's swimsuitFrom 2,480 yen

- SunshadeFrom 2,600

*Other items also available.
*Prices and items are subject to change.

Pool WAI is proud to serve only the most delicious food!

Serving up Sauce! NISSIN Yakisoba U.F.O. syokudo

This year’s Nissin U.F.O Yakisoba Special is an out-of-this-world 3-part, yakisoba dream set featuring yakisoba noodles piled from here to space with potato fries, karaage chicken and mayonnaise!

3-Part, All-Aboard Yakisoba Set500 yen

Soft Drink250 yen

Mega Soft Drink450 yen


Seattle’s speciality coffee shop has come to Pool WAI! Inside you’ll find “Interactive Art”, a space that blends the best of learning and entertainment.If you place your drink cup, animals will appear and seem to come to life before your eyes♪See Details

[NEW!] Tenten

The Osaka-famous, bite-sized gyoza from Kita-Shinchi has arrived at Pool WAI! Don’t miss your chance to try gyoza made with loads of love, fresh ingredients, irresistible aroma, texture and expert skill.

Bite-sized Gyoza (10 incl.)500 yen

Mayo/Scallion Gyoza550 yen

Grated Daikon Ponzu Gyoza550 yen

Kichigo – Deep-fried Chicken from Nakatsu

Nakatsu deep-fried chicken specialist Kichigo took out the top prize in the salty sauce category of the 2019 Japanese Deep Fry Grand Prix. Don’t miss out!

Kichigo deep-fried chicken600 yen

*We also have other menus.


Try genuine Kumamoto ramen—the pride of Kyushu.

Kumamoto Ramen800 yen

Beef Curry Rice700 yen

Skirt Steak Beef Bowl1,000 yen


Lip-smacking noodles for a perfect after-swim treat and the amusement park classic – churros!

Okinawa Soba750 yen

Turkey750 yen

Churros (all flavors)350 yen

Long Fries

From the Pool WAI vault of food favorites: super-long potato fries, ramen and snacks galore!

Super-long potato fries600 yen

Ramen (shoyu or miso based)800 yen

Fried rice600 yen

*We also have other menus.

Marion Crepes

Marion Crepes attracts huge crowds in Harajuku. There are around 40 types of super-tasty, freshly made crepes!

Chocolate special500 yen

Banana special500 yen

Strawberry jam special500 yen

Banana chocolate special550 yen

Blueberry cheese special550 yen

*We also have other menus.

[NEW!] Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream

The USA-brand ice cream brand, Dippin’ Dots has made it to Pool WAI for the first time ever! Kept at a sub-zero temperature of -40℃, the micro-beaded ice cream is packed with a texture experience that will blow you away.

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream (all flavors) 380 yen