Pool WAI has an indoor restaurant!

Information about the high-quality food and great shops in Pool WAI.

Restaurant La Piscine

Restaurant La Piscine—Pool WAI’s main restaurant—provides indoor dining!
Enjoy ramen, curry, rice bowl dishes, and lots more in a vibrant space.


- Ramen (soy sauce / salt)860 yen

- Tonkotsu Ramen890 yen

- Ramen with BIG Fried Chicken (soy sauce / salt)980 yen

- Hamburger Steak Curry 980 yen

- Yangnyeom Chicken (Korean fried chicken) Rice Plate980 yen

- Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese braised pork rice plate)980 yen

- Yangnyeom Chicken and Lu Rou Fan Combo1,180 yen

★Extra Large Dishes

- Extra Large Soy Sauce Ramen1,200 yen

- Extra Large Festive Curry1,200 yen

★Kids Menu

- Kids’ Curry (mild)750 yen

- Kids’ Ramen (soy sauce)750 yen


- Soft Drinks300 yen and up

- Iced Cafe Latte400 yen

* Other menu also available.

Pool WAI is proud to serve only the most delicious food!

Enjoy the sauce! Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. Diner

Summer has come! Chicken cutlet! Fried chicken! Here is the special menu “U.F.O. All-star Special” available only at Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. Diner!
Enjoy a large portion of rich and flavorful U.F.O. topped with a crispy chicken cutlet, chicken tatsuta, Tenkasu, and fried potatoes.

- U.F.O. All-star Special Set500 yen

- Soft Drinks250 yen


The Seattle-born specialty coffee shop is now at Pool WAI! A fun learning feature “Interactive Art” awaits your visit. When you place your drink cup on it, the animals become colored and move as if they come to life♪


Born in Kitashinchi, Osaka, Tenten’s signature bite-sized gyoza and spicy curry are must-tries.

- Bite-sized Pan-fried Gyoza (10 pieces)500 yen

- Gyoza with Green Onion and Mayo (10 pieces)550 yen

- Gyoza with Grated Daikon Radish and Ponzu (10 pieces)550 yen

- Spicy Curry800 yen

- Spicy Curry with Poached Egg900 yen

- Spicy Curry with Gyoza1,000 yen

- Spicy Curry with Egg & Gyoza1,100 yen

Nakatsu Karaage Kichigo

At the "10th Karaage Grand Prix"(R), Nakatsu Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) Specialty Restaurant received the Golden Award in the "Salt Sauce Category"! You don’t wanna miss it!

- Kichigo Karaage650 yen

* Other menu also available.


Noodles and a variety of other dishes are available.

- Pork Ramen900 yen

- Beef Skewers 600 yen

- Pork Tongue Skewers600 yen


Noodles, the perfect after-swimming companion, and the popular snack churros are available.

- Okinawa Soba Noodle850 yen

- Turkey Leg800 yen

- Churros (various flavors)400 yen

Tokyo Ramen / Long Potato

Pool WAI’s famous long stick-out french fries, ramen, snacks and more!

- Long French Fries 600 yen

- Ramen (soy sauce / miso)各850 yen

- Fried Rice600 yen

Marion Crepes

Harajuku’s famous Marion Crepes is here. More than 40 different kinds of delicious, freshly made crepes are available. Don’t forget to enjoy the chewy texture of tapioca drinks.

- Banana Chocolate Whipped Cream 520 yen

- Chocolate Special 530 yen530 yen

- Strawberry Jam Special540 yen

- Blueberry Jam Special540 yen

- Banana Chocolate Special590 yen

* Other menu also available.

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream

American ice cream “Dippin’ Dots” has arrived at Pool WAI! Experience the refreshing and unique texture of -40℃.

- Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream (various flavors)400 yen

Pool WAI Shop!


- Swim Rings

- Beach Balls

- Flip-flops

- Eyewear Retainers

- Rush Guards (Juniors / Adults)

- Goggles

- Waterproof Cases

- Sunscreens

- Beach Blankets (approx. 90cmX180cm)

- Swim Diapers

- Men’s swimwear

- Women’s swimwear

- Junior swimwear

- Sun Shades

- Water Resistant Face Masks

* Other items also available.
* Please note that the products are subject to change.