Cherry blossoms in spring, pools in summer, illumination in winter – people of all ages can enjoy Tokyo's amusement park, Yomiuri Land!

Shops and Restaurants

Introducing Yomiuri Land’s shops and restaurants.

Shop Gets


Sells merchandise of our theme park’s character mascots Good & Lucky!

Offers merchandise and sweets of Yomiuri Land’s character mascots Good & Lucky as well as merchandise of other characters!

Recommended products

Sealion show original Sealion plush toy

1,320 yen

Leather bookmark Lucky/Good

(3 colors in total) 660 yen

Leather keychain Lucky/Good

(3 colors in total) 660 yen

Ankoro mochi

700 yen



That shop with “Studio Ghibli” merchandise!

Irresistible for fans?! So many “Studio Ghibli” products! Offering a selection of cute and fun souvenirs.

Recommended products

Shoten Okoshi

648 yen

Shoten Yunomi

990 yen

Anpanman beanie doll

1,100 yen

Soft Totoro doll filled with beans

1,210 yen

Soft No-Face doll filled with beans

1,980 yen

Stone House


Many accessories made from natural stones!

An accessories shop where you can enjoy collecting natural stones and metal clay. We recommend making your own accessories with metal clay, and collecting natural stones, so much fun that it feels as if you’re playing a game!

Recommended products

Pendant on a leather string

from 700 yen

Original strap

from 600 yen

Original bracelet

from 1,500 yen

Lucky charm amulet

from 330 yen

Make it yourself!!! Metal clay accessory (5g and up)

from 3,600 yen

Gj Shop


The only place where you can find original “Goodjoba!!” merchandise!

Right next to Sky Gate! In this souvenir shop, you will find a wide selection of Yomiuri Land merchandise, such as stationery and merch of “Goodjoba!!” and “Good & Lucky”, and limited-edition packages of sweets that are perfect as souvenirs.

Recommended products

Salt and Butter Potato Sticks

680 yen

I went to Yomiuri Land cake

850 yen

BIG Stuffed Toy

2,000 yen / item

Customized Headband

1,000 yen

Good T-shirt

2,600 yen

Fooded Towel

1,350 yen / item



Have a coffee while enjoying swimming in the summer and illumination displays in the winter.

This is the first poolside Starbucks.

“Interactive Art” has been installed in the counter tables, which are covered in videos of the animals and farm scenery from coffee bean-producing areas. When guests place their cups on the tables, they can experience art by watching these animals moving, as if coming to life among painted scenery of the coffee plantation.

Menu recommendations

Caramel Frappuccino®

from 565 yen

Starbucks Latte

from 415 yen

Drip Coffee

from 350 yen

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Restaurant Goodday


Offers a wide range of menus focusing on western-style food!

A brilliant restaurant that shines with the chandelier “JEWELRY JARDIN” which used state-of-the-art organic EL lighting.

Menu recommendations


980 yen

Spaghetti carbonara with a soft-boiled egg

900 yen

Snack combo

800 yen

Cutlet curry

950 yen

Various cakes

from 600 yen

La Piscine


You can enjoy various menus in this colorful shop!

Inside this colorful and fun restaurant, you can enjoy a wide range of menus such as those with curry, omurice, and cake!

※During the period that the pool is in operation, the restaurant is only open to guests who are making use of the pool.

Menu recommendations

Curry de omelette

880 yen

Soy sauce ramen

880 yen

La Piscine cutlet curry

1,000 yen

Extra meaty meat sauce

880 yen

Various cakes

from 500 yen

Café Lan Lan


A stylish café

With original burgers freshly made with thick meat patties of approximately 180g and plenty of fresh vegetables, waffle cone bowls, authentic Italian coffee, etc., every menu is superb!

Menu recommendations

Lan Lan fresh burger

970 yen

Lan Lan fresh cheeseburger

1,000 yen

Lan Lan egg burger

950 yen

Food Terrace Loop


An affordable restaurant with a lot of menus with food that you can eat while walking

An affordable restaurant with a lot of menus with food that you can eat while walking, such as hot dogs.

Menu recommendations

Egg tart

(two pieces) 300 yen

Chicken basket

650 yen


400 yen

Soba rice

650 yen

Chicken cutlet burger

400 yen

Robson Fries


A food stall specializing in Canadian-style French fries

You can taste “Poutine”, made from French fries topped with gravy and cheese, only here!

Menu recommendations


500 yen

Hot dog with lots of meat broth

450 yen



Very popular! A famous crepe stall!

A wide range from sweets to snacks and approximately 60 kinds of crepes are available!

Yomiuri Land character Lucky loves it.

Menu recommendations

Custard choco special (crepe)

580 yen

Strawberry cake melba (crepe)

710 yen

Tuna pizza cheese (crepe)

600 yen



The churros and soft-serve ice cream of this food stall are super popular!

Yomiuri Land character Good loves this churros stall! Yomiuri Land’s rich soft-serve ice cream also comes recommended!

Menu recommendations


400 yen


550 yen

Jerry’s Popcorn


A tasty and fun popcorn stall!

What is a theme park without popcorn?!

Various flavors are prepared daily!

Menu recommendations

Mini size

400 yen

Regular size

550 yen

Party size

1,100 yen



A large selection of affordable, uncomplicated, and popular food!

A food court right next to the very popular rollercoaster "Bandit". A large selection of affordable, uncomplicated, and popular food! This food court offers menus with foods that everyone is talking about, such as a menu with meaty foods to eat while walking, super popular bakudanyaki, and dippin’ dots ice cream.

Menu recommendations

Cheese Hotdog

From 400 yen

Bakudanyaki regular (Bakudanyaki main restaurant)

450 yen

Various kinds of tapioca drinks (CandyBell)

From 450 yen

Various kinds of dippin’ dots ice cream (dippin’ dots ice cream)

400 yen