Cherry blossoms in spring, pools in summer, illumination in winter – people of all ages can enjoy Tokyo's amusement park, Yomiuri Land!

Winter Leisure Guide

If you plan to travel through Japan in winter, seeing an illumination show is a must. In winter, illumination shows are held around Japan, offering a colorful display of light.

Highly recommended is the Yomiuri Land illumination, of a scale seldom seen anywhere else in Japan. It is sure to exceed your expectations.

Yomiuri Land is your best bet for Tokyo sightseeing this winter!

Jewellumination: one of Japan’s signature illumination shows

An illuminated view as far as the eye can see

Jewellumination is one of Japan’s leading illumination displays today. Produced by Motoko Ishii, who designed lighting for the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower, this event features a display that the media raves about each year for its beauty.

The gemstone-colored LEDs used for the Jewellumination are unique in the world and can only be seen here! This is a beautifully radiant display that you will find nowhere else!

Come and experience the wonderful world of Jewellumination!

A jawdropping fountain show

And, if you come to the Jewellumination, you can't miss the fountain show.

188 fountains shooting up, water screens and laser lights all come together to create Japan’s finest fountain show!

The combination of light and fountains is simply breathtaking!

Dive into the lights with illuminated rides!

While the Jewellumination event is underway, the rides are also lit up! See how the park looks different at night!

Dash through the darkness on the Bandit!

The Bandit roller coaster, one of the standout Yomiuri Land attractions, gets even more powered up for the Jewellumination event!

Dash through the darkness as you see an illuminated trail before you! You’ll feel like a shooting star!

Don’t miss this thrilling way to see the illumination display!

Ferris Wheel

If you want to see the lights from high up in the sky, we recommend the Ferris wheel.

It takes about 6.5 minutes to reach the top as you slowly gain altitude. Seeing the illumination as the wheel gently turns is very relaxing.

At the top of the wheel, 60m up, the view is outstanding! You can see the whole park and view of Tokyo.

You’ll definitely have a special moment on Yomiuri Land’s Ferris wheel!

How to get the most out of your winter visit to Yomiuri Land

Are there any photogenic spots?

While the Jewellumination event is underway, the entire park is arguably a photogenic destination. There are beautiful views everywhere.

Of particular note is the light tunnel, one of Yomiuri Land’s foremost spots. This tunnel has a gentle curving design, and you won’t see the exit until you reach it.

Therefore, you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped into a magical world of light, and your photos will reflect that!

Click here for the official Yomiuri Land Instagram page!

Are there some experiences that can only be had at Yomiuri Land?

Yes, of course!

One example would be the Looping Starship attraction, which lets you see an illuminated light display upside down. Yet it’s not the lights that are upside down, but you! Once you board, the attraction begins swinging like a pendulum. Once it reaches the top, you begin rotating in 360 degrees. When the ride stops at the very top of the swing, you can see the illumination upside down. Brave your fears and open your eyes to see a dazzling light display that looks as if it’s ready to descend down in a shower. What’s more, seeing the lights swirl around you as you begin the descent downward is a totally unique experience you will find nowhere else!

What ticket should I buy to see the Jewellumination?

On days when the Jewellumination is being held, Yomiuri Land offers discounted tickets available for use of the park after 3:00 PM. You could spend time elsewhere in the morning, then head out to Yomiuri Land for the night.

Located just 30 minutes from Shinjuku, Yomiuri Land is perfect for seeing the sights at night!


This concludes the summary of how to make the best use of Yomiuri Land in winter.

If an illumination display is what you seek in Tokyo, then Yomiuri Land is your best bet.

It offers a highly unique experience that you will find nowhere else.

For more details, please see the Jewellumination web site.

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