Cherry blossoms in spring, pools in summer, illumination in winter – people of all ages can enjoy Tokyo's amusement park, Yomiuri Land!

Information on measures to prevent the spread of infection

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

・We will refuse admission if a fever of 37.5 °C or higher is confirmed at the entrance.And we will ask you to leave as soon as possible if you feel unwell after entering the park.

・Please wear a mask in the changing rooms and locker areas.

・In the entrance gate , changing rooms, poolside, and in the free shaded area, the slider queue and other places, We ask that you keep your groups separated from each other. Free shaded areas and poolside areas may be restricted and staff may ask you to leave space between guests.

・Alcohol disinfectant is available at each facility. We ask for your cooperation in washing your hands frequently and disinfecting with alcohol.

・The following customers are not allowed to enter the park.

■Those with a fever of 37.5 °C or higher, fatigue, cough, etc.

■Those who live with family members who are suspected of being infected.

■Those who have traveled to a country or region where the government requires an entry restriction or a post-entry observation period within the past 14 days, or who have had close contact with those person.

・If an infection is confirmed, we may provide information to the public health center.

Yomiuriland 's measures to prevent the spread of infection

・Measures to prevent the spread of infection will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, based on trends in the spread of COVID-19 and the knowledge of experts.And please understand that our business maybe change without notice.

・In order to prevent the spread of infection, pool, slide,restaurants, shops and other facilities may be subject to restrictions on entry or use without notice.

・A certain distance between groups will be secured in the pool area and the slider queue, etc.

・Women's changing space and powder room are expanded.

・Lockers are used at intervals and disinfected frequently.

・Tables and seats in the restaurants are spaced apart. Therefore, it may take some time for us to guide you.

・Staff members are checked for physical condition before work. If a staff member has a fever of 37.5 °C or higher before work, he or she will not be allowed to come to work.

・A mask or face shield will be worn during work, except for some guards. When the observer contacts the customer, we will pay attention to prevent infection, such as putting a handkerchief on the mouth. In addition, as a measure against heat stroke, the staff may drink water or remove the mask after considering the surroundings. No handshakes, high fives or other forms of touching will be given.

・In consideration of the distance between you and the customer, our staff will refrain from actively talking to you, but please feel free to contact us if you need help.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers and thank you for your understanding.