Limited-Time Jewellumination Menu

  • ハートのラブ・ボロネーゼ

    Heart Love Bolognese


    A bolognese topped with sweet potato heart croquettes, inspired by the sparkling illumination of the "Love Grand Object" Ferris wheel.

    • Goodday
  • 恋人たちの愛がけオムライス

    Lovers' Ai-gake Omurice


    A heart-shaped omelet rice with a mix of shrimp white sauce and beef hash.

    • La Piscine
  • ジュエルハートドーナツ ピンク/ホワイト/ブラック

    Jewel Heart Donuts

    One for ¥350, Set of three in a box for ¥950

    Cute heart-shaped chocolate donuts, perfect with the illuminations scenery!

    • Robson Fries
  • 39(サンキュー)タコス

    39 (Thank You) Tacos


    Easy-to-eat tacos, recommended when you're feeling a little hungry.

    • Jerry’s Popcorn
  • ラブ♡ベリー



    Adorably finished with heart marshmallows and wafers, this is a sweet and tangy crepe loaded with strawberries.

    • MARION Crepes
  • やみつき!ハニーバターポテト

    Addictive! Honey Butter Potato


    Heart-shaped mashed potato fries that are fluffy and irresistible with sweet and salty honey butter.

  • ハートフル ホットチョコレート

    Heartful Hot Chocolate

    One cup for ¥400

    Overflowing with happiness and chocolate, this hot chocolate warms your body and heart in the cold season.

  • Wチョコバナナアイス

    Double Chocolate Banana Ice

    One for ¥600

    Mixed ice cream of banana, chocolate, and strawberry with special toppings of frozen banana and chocolate cream! Enjoy it in a cute heart-shaped cup.

      Dippin' Dots Ice Cream
  • 夜空の満点ばくだん ラブ♡スター

    Starry Sky Full-Point Bomb Love♡Star


    Enjoy the best of both worlds with the popular half-and-half mentaiko and teriyaki flavors. Sprinkled with rice crackers inspired by the starry sky, this bakudan-yaki is as visually spectacular as it is delicious.

    • FOOD STATION Bakudan-yaki Honpo
  • ラブリービッグ焼きマシュマロ

    Lovely Big Grilled Marshmallow

    2 pieces for ¥850

    This is a large marshmallow that warms both the heart and body, perfect for sharing with someone special. You can grill it over the charcoal at the barbecue area and enjoy.

    • Barbecue Park JU-JU
      * vailable for purchase only by customers using Barbecue Park JU-JU.
  • ハートのワッフルスティック

    Heart Waffle Stick


    A waffle stick topped with heart marshmallows, perfect for eating with one hand.

    • Food Terrace Loop
  • #らぶあげうどん / #らぶあげそば

    #Love Aged Udon / #Love Aged Soba


    Topped with a large heart-shaped satsuma-age, this dish warms the heart.

    • UUdon and Soba Tarafuku - Yomiuriland Store
  • ラブチキ(ハニーマスタード)

    Love Chicken (Honey Mustard)


    Cute heart-shaped cheese topped on honey mustard flavored karaage. With four pieces, it's perfect for sharing!

    • SAIKAI Ramen FLYING FISH - Yomiuriland Store

* The menu is subject to change without notice. Also, please understand that sales might end.

Limited-Time Jewellumination Merchandise

  • スティックケーキ6本入り)

    Stick Cake (6 pieces)


    A stick-type cake kneaded with rich cheese.
    It comes in a Jewellumination-exclusive package with a black motif.

    • Gj Shop
  • ハートのショコラドクッキー(10枚入り)

    Heart Chocolate Cookies (10 pieces)


    Crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth, these moist cookies are irresistible!
    Heart-shaped cookies that perfectly match the Jewellumination theme "LIGHT is LOVE".

    • Gj Shop
  • ライトアップキャンディ(ストロベリー味、ソーダ味、グレープ味)

    Light-Up Candy
    (Strawberry, Soda, Grape flavors)


    Candy shaped like the face of Yomiuriland's mascot character "Good" that lights up. Enjoy Jewellumination while making your candy sparkle.

    • Gj Shop
    • Goodjoba!!
    • Shop Gets
    • YOMIURI Store
  • マグネット



    An acrylic magnet featuring the main visual of Jewellumination.
    Not only practical but also a decorative accent for your room.

    • Gj Shop
    • Shop Gets
    • YOMIURI Store
  • ストラップ(ラウンド・ハート)

    Straps (Round & Heart)


    A must for collectors as the design changes every year! We have prepared two types: round and heart-shaped.

    • Gj Shop
    • Shop Gets
    • YOMIURI Store

* The menu is subject to change without notice. Also, please understand that sales might end.

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